Flexible ELA Classroom book, practical resource for all teachers, and differentiation is made clear and simple.
The Flexible SEL Classroom provides practical ways to build social emotional learning and creates a culture of respect and engagement.

This is my new blog for AMLE. The first blog of the month poses a question about the middle school world, then educators respond on @Twitter. Then, my second blog highlights the conversation that thought leaders have been having. Cross-platform, interactive experience!


I love this picture. This is a celebration of ShareMyLesson at TEACH in 2017. I met Randi Weingarten, and she knew about my column! 


There are lots of my blogs on Project Based Learning, Student Centered Teaching, and how to incorporate Social and Emotional Learning. 

"Flexible Class" is a phrase I use to describe the attitudes, expectations, and outcomes as they relate to my 8th grade students in Room 255. I've written two books about it, and they both encourage educators to follow two precepts: honor individuality and challenge students to be the best version of themselves.

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