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Feel free to make a copy of any lesson and use in your own classroom. Please email me and let me know how it goes! These lessons are posted on ShareMyLesson as well, where you'll find them aligned to Standards and searchable by grade level, Standard, and topic. You can visit my Partner Page here

Can a Cartoon Teach Social Justice? (Yes! Zootopia Can) 
This is a mini-unit to teach social justice to younger students. I show Zootopia, stopping to discuss the many social justice issues in the movie. This lesson contains a teacher's guide (so you'll know when to stop and why), a student viewing guide, and an "Easter Egg" viewing checklist for students to use as they follow along. 
SEL Matters: SEL in a Squiggle

1) Distribute a "squiggle" to each student. 

2) Distribute the same materials to each student (pencil and crayons, markers, etc). Everyone should have the same tools. 

3) Let kiddos turn their squiggles into whatever they like. Give them a set amount of time. I give 30 minutes, but that is because I'm using the time to talk to students while they color to gather information. ("What's your favorite color?" or "What made you turn this into a cat? Do you have a cat?" 

4) Ask everyone to line their drawings up. Have students discuss how the squiggles all started off the same, but they evolved into something personal and meaningful. Allow time to share. 

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CREDO: This I Believe with Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl

This is a writing assignment that I use instead of a memoir with my 8th graders.
We complete the essay and presentation after we read Jerry Spinelli's Stargirl.
We will have discussed identity in our Rotating Chairs, which you can find here. 

Shoot me an email and let me know how the lesson went!