Here are some of the great

Utopia presentations

that we've developed over the years!




Golden City




Cloud 9








Utopia Collaborative Essay Examples







Here are a few examples of some Rock Star Students! These are students whose Passion Projects for 2017 were over-the-top amazing!


Jenna--What does it take to be a gymnast? Watch her do a routine with a Go-Pro on! Dizzying and spectacular.


Aidan--Why does society value athletics so much? This is a MUST SEE for the diehard Buffalo Bills fans!


Jamey--Going to college--what does it all mean? Check out her inspirational and informational site.


Madison--What does it take to open your own cupcake bakery? This is one of my all-time favorites. Mouthwatering!

Last year we had 257 visitors to our ELA Class. Looking forward to more families this year. Stop by anytime! 












Meet Our Rockstars

"I Believe" Presentations were a great success. We had over 40 family members, 3 administrators, 2 guidance counselors, and three teachers come support our class!