• Amber Chandler

The making of the flexible classroom

I'll start by saying, I am so tired. Zoey and I have been shopping, carrying stuff from the parking lot to my upstairs classroom at all hours, making "do this/ not that" videos to describe procedures, and having endless conversations about what I really want from a flexible classroom. I want students to be comfy. I want them to feel ownership. I want it to be "cool" and inviting, relaxing, and productive.

We've developed a system of quadrants, with one sort of random "low seating" of a short table with stools in the middle. There will be lots more about all of this later, after we've got it figured out, but suffice it to say that making this all come together has been more challenging than I'd originally thought

Zoey models the ginormous backpack that I found to store cushions in. When else can you purchase something like this guilt free? It looks awesome in the class, and Zoey's about it is hilarious--I'll be posting those later.

This is the trunk of my husband's car. It became clear when I had to call him to rescue me when the bean bags didn't fit in my VW bug that I'd need to borrow his car for

a few days. We've stuffed it full a few times! I love my car, but it is NOT practical in any way.

Finally, this is Zoey around 10:00 last night. She has listened to me talk my way through this entire process from "I hope I get the grant" to "OMG this is happening" to "Do we want a theme?" to "Are bouncy balls really a good idea?" to "The furniture is not the point." She wants to be a teacher, and I am sure that her classroom will be a flexible one too!

Stay tuned. The building is locked for the weekend, Monday is a holiday, so Matty is getting up with me at 5:30 am on Tuesday morning (before our staff day) to finish bringing all my new stuff in and putting together chairs for me. I'm going to let this all simmer for a few days, and come Tuesday, I'll put all the finishing touches on it. Much more to follow!