• Amber Chandler

Team building with flexible seating...

Today was really fun. We built towers made of 25 pipe cleaners, with the goal of creating the highest free standing tower. The trick was that about every five minutes, challenges were thrown into the mix that forced students to collaborate, be creative, and problem solve. This was the activity that we did in class today, in case you want to try it. I highly recommend it! I first learned about it this summer at AFT's TEACH conference in DC. To see my speech about teachers supporting teachers, click here. I knew immediately that I wanted to get kiddos thinking about communication and teamwork, which this activity does really well.

The flexible seating wasn't really a factor because this is the type of activity I've always done. However, I liked the students ability to get comfortable. I'm most enjoying the quadrants. The numbers are a little big--about 6 or 7 in each group, but it worked today. I'm thinking of adding a fifth station area.

Highlight of the day was how students kept coming back to see if their records stayed from period to period. It was great to see that kind of investment! Each classes' quadrant who had the highest tower will get a little treat tomorrow. The overall winner for our team will have brunch together next week. Pics to follow!

I'm gathering all the tech forms and media releases, so stay tuned. I'll soon post interviews and videos of the kiddos doing their thing :)

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