• Amber Chandler

What kind of leader are you?

The first week of school is always anxiety inducing. I don't like having 130 students come through my doors and not even know their names, much less anything about them. I hate that some students come to me without any supports in place and are ready to give up before we start. I hate feeling like I don't know my students.

However, this year, with the addition of flexible seating, I felt like I was in my element. Students seemed more relaxed, and even kiddos who slouched in the room trying not to be noticed were ready to discuss their leadership styles today. Here's the link to the slideshow. It is an adaptation from Pastor Ken Nash's sermon at WCHamburg here. I've borrowed the list of leadership styles and applied it to kiddos and their experiences.

You might want to take a peek at the slideshow to see which styles you are. I'm "Big Picture," "Procedural," and "Cheerleader." Talk to your kiddos too and see what they are. Great conversation starter.

Anyway, it's Friday night, I'm exhausted but energized, a great paradox for the first week of school. Very appreciative of the grant from NoVo Foundation, Rockafeller Foundation, and Education First to support this experiment of aligning the seating with my philosophy!

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