If you are looking for an inspiring speaker, passionate about teaching, learning, and leading, please contact me. I'm in the classroom, but I'm available to do workshops, day long seminars, or keynotes over breaks and in the summer. I've most recently spoken at AFT's TEACH in Washington, DC.
Amber Chandler inspires AFT members at TEACH in Washington DC, encouraging them to remember we are all in this together!
ENL teachers at GCCS create a "SCRAP"plan to engage their students in authentic tasks. They decided on an infomercial about their home country.
As a teacher, I know that to be effective, PD must be engaging, relevant, and based in research. I make a point of having fun--a little bottle flipping, pyramid cup building, and door prizes are always a part of the day because dopamine makes the learning stick! 
This is a mini-documentary I made about the impact of digital portfolios on students, particularly ENL/ESL students. It was funded by the  Education First NoVo Foundation Social Emotional Learning Innovation Fund. I have received a 2nd grant for this year to implement flexible seating options.

This is a really exciting opportunity that came my way via ShareMyLesson, where I am a Content Partner and Blogger. Check out this video that demonstrates how cool it is collaborate with teachers that you may never meet.

This is an interview I did with Dru Tomlin about Speaking and Listening skills for American Middle Level Educator.

This is another interview I did with Dru Tomlin. This is called "A Selfie Thing" and explains why teachers have share the great things that happen in their classrooms!