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Amber is an amazing educator who inspires others through her lively, passionate writing. Whether she's sharing stories about her classroom, or offering practical teaching strategies, or providing insights on a key topic in the field, she always leaves us with food for thought and the desire to do all we can for students. --Lauren Davis, editor

PAT GEORGE, former editor

Amber's writing is informative and engaging, personal and professional. She writes with clarity and focus, infuses passion and humor, and never disappoints. --Pat George, former AMLE Editor


Amber is one of our most popular teacher bloggers, consistently ranking high in views and shares for her blogs covering timely education topics and book reviews. Her insights as a teacher and industry thought leader have been invaluable to our site and we are always delighted to post content from her. --Catherine Wedgewood, editor

Sheri Rodman (America Achieves)

It has been a privilege to have Amber in the Fellowship since 2014. She has authored blog posts and articles that are savvy, thought-provoking, and easy to digest. Her quick turnaround time and supportive, yet constructive feedback to peer writers has made her stand out as a leader. --Sheri Rodman, America Achieves Fellowship Manager

JOHN NORTON (Middleweb editor)

Amber Chandler has the courage to reflect deeply and openly about her own practice and has the knack for sharing powerful stories from her own classroom. She's the kind of teacher we love to publish! --John Norton, founder and editor Middleweb.com

Steve Kendel (principal)

Amber was a great resource for my staff. Our building benefitted from her personal, objective thoughts about our curriculum and instruction. Her feedback confirmed many things that we were thinking and brought us together to create an action plan to move forward. --Steve Kendel, principal Saville Elementary School


Amber's gentle guidance and subtle approach to mentoring other teachers has allowed me to reflect on my own practices and make needed adjustments to ensure that my lessons are both engaging and meeting the needs of higher and lower performing students in the same classroom during the same lesson. --Amanda Thompson, teacher


Amber is one of my go-to experts in the trenches, and being in the trenches is what makes her an expert. I have always trusted her informed, empathetic, and compassionate perspecitve, and I know that her students and the teachers that she serves do as well. I'm honored to be in her orbit. --Angela Stockman, author and writing consultant